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8 Tips on How to Network Better!

1. Figure out the Critical Few – These are the people that are currently in your life that wouldn’t hesitate to lend you a hand and give you referrals for new people to meet. These could be your mentors, professors, bosses etc… These are the people that are your genuine friends that will help you at a moment’s notice. These are the people who you should seek help from when it comes to finding people to network with. Ask them if they know people in industries that you find interesting or want to build more connections in. These are the easiest connections you will be able to make as they come with a warm referral from a good friend.

2. Be Interesting – When having a conversation with someone new you don’t always have to keep it strictly business. It is always best to create some form of personal connection with the individual and this all depends on you and your interests! I want to make sure to point out that you don’t always have to find a shared interest with someone but you do have to share your own interests. This will help keep the conversation flowing and create that genuine personal connection.

3. Say their name – People like to hear their own name, plain and simple. The best thing to do is immediately use their name in a conversation, this will not only make them more comfortable, it will demonstrate that you are paying attention!

4. Be Yourself – Are you introverted? Don’t pretend to be extroverted! And visa versa. Be the best self you can be, even if that means you are not the hyper extrovert looking to talk to anyone and everyone. The introverted and shy person has their own strengths by being genuine and authentic when they are making connections.