Toughest job market every year? No! Job hunting becomes easy starting from today!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

UniExplore launches Career Coaching Programs to boost your career


The "Pickle"

If you ask people which year is the toughest for new graduates to get a job? The answer you will hear must be this year, or, every year! After all, getting a job after graduation, especially for international students, is always a huge change and challenge that every single student has to face.

As the economic conditions degrading in every corner of the world, even people with local experience and connections are finding it hard to find a job, not to mention one in their preferred fields.

As you were browsing job postings on Indeed, one of the largest job sites in Canada, you might see many people asking the same question: “Is it me or is it super hard to get a job these days………….?” Someone responded with a very interesting analogy “getting a job is like finding a needle in a haystack”.

To international students, this seems to be even more true. When you open Zhihu, the largest Q&A website in the Chinese community, the question “how difficult is it for international students to find a job in Canada?” has attracted over 1.1 million views. When you look into the answers in the thread, you will notice most people think the real reasons for it to be this “difficult” are lack of knowledge, resources and connections of industries; unclear career plan; and little or no experience in networking.

The graduation season has passed by a few months already. For international students, your 3-year work permit is counting down……

It’s time to take actions!

Excavating your career advantages, acquiring knowledge and resources, improving your job hunting abilities and skills, they seem to be a long way to go, but as long as you have clear goals, proper methods and targeted training, “finding a needle in a haystack” won’t be that hard!


The Solution

UniExplore has always been a team driven by one mission that is “Help international students better succeed in Canada”. Today, we are announcing another big news!

UniExplore’s Career Coaching Service is Now Live!

Here’s a message from our Co-founder & CEO, Brian Liu.

Just like what Brian said, our speakers and coaching team is formed by local elites and executives who possess extensive and invaluable work experience in a wide range of industries and functions, including but not limited to Real Estate, Financial Services, Information Technology, Legal Services, Management Consulting, Marketing, Healthcare, Education, Engineering, etc. They are going to bring you the freshest and most concrete industry knowledge sharing as well as the most professional and practical career guidance!

Like UniExplore educational consulting programs, our Career Coaching Service has broken the traditional industry restrictions on pricing, content and format. With the same beliefs, “Transparent, Sharing, Sincere”, we are ready to help everyone who needs guidance in their career path to achieve the biggest success possible.


We provide various types of career coaching and what we are starting with is one of our most unique offerings:

Interactive Career Workshop (Online)

Interactive Career Workshop is a prestigious and valuable online session that UniExplore offers to every individual who would like to excel in their career journey. No matter you are a rookie job hunter swamped in hundreds of resume and interview preparations, or a current student wondering where you should go in your career path, or a prospective international student who just wants to know more about the job market in Canada, you are more than welcome to join our Interactive Career Workshop and you will receive unique values.

UniExplore Interactive Career Workshop (Online)

“Light through Your Career Path”

Keynote Speaker: Garret MacGillivray

Originations at Trez Capital, a top Investment Management Company, in charge of the development of Commercial Real Estate loans in Eastern Canada and North Eastern USA and has presently underseen and originated over $ $1B in short tenure.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at R2 Investment, led the creation of an OSC regulated commercial real estate crowdfunding platform and charged to develop the sales platform, marketing, operations and IT infrastructure within the firm

Debt Capital Markets Broker at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), world’s second largest commercia