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The Importance of a Strong Handshake (and how to do it!)

Now a lot of you may be wondering. Why are you writing an article about a handshake? Well its because its that important! The University of Iowa concluded a study that determined that a handshake is “more important than agreeableness, conscientiousness, or emotional stability”. These findings have been replicated in a number of different follow up studies.

So yes, a handshake matters, it matters a lot. Now you may want to know: what makes a good handshake? Here are the key points you need to know.

1. Being Prepared

When you enter into a new environment where you are first meeting people, whether this be at a job interview or a new networking opportunity, you have to first have your right hand free! This means whatever you might be holding, try to have it in your left hand (ex. Drink, bag, purse etc..). Having a cold/hot drink in your hand might make you sweat or get wet from condensation, which will make your hand feel moist/clammy.

2. Body Position