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Judy Truong

Document Review Specialist


University of Toronto - PharmD (Completing); University of Toronto - Master of Science, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology (Graduated); University of Toronto – Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Biochemistry and Human Biology (Graduated)

我的 UniExplore 故事

I want to help students achieve their long-term goals and succeed in their academic endeavors.


I started my journey at the University of Toronto with a deep interest in the basic sciences. I learned my core skills during undergrad, and went on to pursue a Masters of Science where I did research exploring colon cancer stem cell therapies. Afterwards, I continued doing research at a biotech start-up for 2 yrs, before deciding to transition into pharmacy school. I still love science deeply, but also really appreciate interacting with patients which ultimately lead me to change my career path. I have broad research experiences and can be an asset for students who need help taking the next step in their careers.

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