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Many people ask me what UniExplore is? I always say: “It is a ‘community’, an ‘attitude’, an ‘approach’, a ‘dream’.” When I first named UniExplore, some friends suggested that it be called XX Group, or XX Education, but I went with “UniExplore”. The word “Uni” itself means “concentrated, aggregated”; at the same time, the three letters “U”, “N” (and), “I” means “You and I”. I hope that we can join all students who want to study abroad to explore the world and tap into their passion and potentials.

I’ve had a huge passion for English since I was a child. 


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UniExplore is an online platform that allows international students to make better and informed decisions when choosing a university in Canada. Based in Toronto, Canada, our core team is formed by a team of former international students. Our ultimate goal is to build a social community for students around the world. In order to achieve this, we offer various services and channels on our platform.

Our Mission

With the core team comprised of former international students and local Canadians, UniExplore’s mission is to bridge all gaps in the academic application process and to build a world community by connecting international students (domestic and abroad) to local peers, to Canadian culture, and most importantly, to Canadian schools.

Our Story

Having gone through the entire process of applying to schools in Canada, we have a thorough understanding of all the challenges, confusions, concerns and solutions international students face. Lack of reliable information, lack of proper guidance on the application process and lack of opportunities to get in touch with schools in Canada are make it difficult for students to have full control over their applications.

Our Core Values


CAN-DO – By joining together, we can solve all the complex problems on the path to your success.

Care – We care about your needs, your challenges and your worries because we’ve been there.
Appreciation – The key to our growth is our true appreciation to all UniExplorERs (students, parents, partners, UniExplore team members, etc.), whenever and wherever we are.
Nurturing – Our #1 goal is not to do everything for you but to guide you to develop and grow.
Dedication – We are devoted to facilitating all our stakeholders with 100% dedication and commitment.
Ownership – We take ownership of every customer’s needs, questions, challenges and even concerns.


Brian L.

CEO & Co-Founder


Garret M.

COO & Co-Founder

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-15 at 9.52.38 PM.

Zhou L.



Kristen C.

Document Review Manager


Jiayu W.

Marketing and Media Coordinator

University of Toronto, MEd.


Chang L.

Account Manager

McMaster University, PhD. Mech. Eng.


Jingyi W.

Client Success Advisor

University of British Columbia, PhD. Chem.Eng.


Vincent Z.

Client Success Advisor

University of Waterloo, PhD. Civil. Eng.


Ruixue T.

Client Success Advisor

McGill University, Msc.

Fiona Y..jpg
Jing W..jpg

Fiona Y.

Client Success Advisor

Ivey Business School, Western University, MSc in Digital Mgmt

Tianyi B.

Client Associate Advisor

McGill University, Master of Educational Psychology

Jing W.

Client Success Advisor

McMaster, PHD Computing Science & Engineering


Kerris G.

Client Success Advisor

University of Ottawa

Computer Science, Msc.


Yiwei J.

Client Success Advisor

Queens University, MIB


Sigrid L.

Marketing Assistant

University of Windsor, MEd.

jiayi photo.jpg

Jiayi M.

Marketing Assistant

McMaster University, MTEI

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