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School Application Service

Want to get into a Program at an International School?

Our experienced team of professionals will ensure you get into your dream program and school of your dreams!

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Offers from within Canada
Offers from outside Canada

Our Unique Service Process

You will always have our support in Canada just like you are home!

Robust Advisor Network

We have a strong network of advisors from disciplines and schools across canada.

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Native Document Review

High-quality reviews by English native speakers with extensive work and admission experience.

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Exclusive Industry Consultation

1-hour career chat with industry leaders to help program selection and document prep View Our Industry Partners

Transparent Management

Every detail is shared and discussed with you at 100% transparency

Customized Application Proposal

a 50-80 page long application proposal tailored specifically to your background

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Personal Portfolio (Research-Program Only)

A personalized 10-page slide deck proven to increase your research admission success rate

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Advanced App Management System

Advanced technology platform  to effectively and efficiently manage all application stages

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FREE VISA application service and guidance to address all your questions

Ask the Admission Team

Direct communication via email or call with schools to better assess your applications

Pre-departure Training & Welcome

Everything you want to know about Canada as well as invited to our meet-up events in Canada

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Pricing Table

iNetwork Pro Membership (Included in Full-Service Package)

Job Alerts & Match

You'll be enrolled in our talent pool for job alerts (FT/PT/Internship) from our industry partners' companies

Internal Referrals

We will review your resume and select the top candidates for internal job referrals to the hiring team

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Training & Workshops

You will be invited to career training and industry events to learn more about industry knowledge

10% Off Virtual Coffee Chat

For iNetwork Pro, you will receive 10% discount on ALL 1-hour Virtual Coffee Chat purchases

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Unsure or Need a Custom Service? 

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