Upcoming Events

  • Tue, Dec 01
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    How to Find the Right Career Path When You are Still in School
  • Tue, Nov 24
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Acing the Interview - Top Tips from a Hiring Manager
  • Tue, Nov 17
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    How to Find a Job
  • Tue, Nov 10
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Networking Events - How to Get the Most out of a Social Event
  • Tue, Nov 03
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    How to Make a Business Contact
    The Definitive Guide on How to Create a Strong Social Circle
  • Tue, Oct 27
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Social Media Profiles and How They Influence Your Job Hunt
    Social media profiles count!
  • Thu, Oct 22
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Canadian Immigration Updates with Green and Spiegel LLP
    Hear from the top immigration law firm in Canada on recent immigration updates and trends including the travel ban, visitor visa, study permit, work permit, permanent residency, etc.
  • Tue, Oct 20
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Make an Impact with Your Cover Letter
    Cover letters play a critical role in your job hunting process. How can you create one that's going to help you go further in the job hunting process?
  • Thu, Oct 15
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Drafting a Quality Resume to Get Noticed
    Resumes are important! What are hiring managers looking for in a resume? This webinar will teach you how to put your best foot forward and draft the best Resume for the Career of your dreams!
  • Sat, Oct 03
    All You Need to Kick Start Your Business Career
    How UniExplore's online Business Career Accelerator program can help you advance in your career.
  • Sun, May 17
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Career Talks with Dayma Itamunoala, Sales Specialist (May 17th)
    Sales. One of the most lucritive functions in any business. In this webinar you will hear from a seasoned sales professional from the commercial real estate industry who regularly brokers buildings are portfolios in excess of $100,000,000.
  • Sun, May 03
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    How to Determine What Job is the Right Fit (May 3rd)
    Before you start your job hunt, you have to know where you are going! Not many people actually know about the jobs they are applying to. This webinar will give job seekers the skills and tools necessary to make educated decisions about their job hunting process.
  • Sun, Apr 26
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    How to Develop Your Professional Skills and Get Hired (April 26th)
    In order to get a job you first need to hone your professional skills! This webinar goes over some of the most important skills that hiring managers are looking for and how you can develop them yourself!
  • Sun, Apr 19
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    Career Talks with Deloitte's Senior Consultant (RSVP by April 16)
    Many of us are interested in building a career in the consulting industry, but what skills, abilities and experience are required to become successful on this path or even to get your foot into the door at the first place? You will find your answers here with our honored guest from Deloitte.
  • Sun, Mar 22
    Online (Access info will be emailed)
    How to Maximize the Use of LinkedIn (RSVP by March. 19)
    Do you know LinkedIn is the most modern and effective way to build your network, get a job, find a client and even establish a business? Garret will walk you through how you should build a professional LinkedIn profile and how to use it to help you achieve your career goals.
  • Sun, Mar 01
    How to Make Your Interviews Successful (RSVP by Feb. 28)
    Now you have successfully acquired an interview. Then what? How do you prepare for this long-waited opportunity? What can you do to make this really mean something to your job hunt? How can you secure a job after this? Join us on March 1 to get these answers from this webinar!
  • Sun, Feb 09
    How to Network? 30分钟教你掌握加拿大求职“秘术”!
    熟悉UniExplore的小伙伴们都知道,在我们所有的求职文章和讲座中,出镜率最高的一个词,就是“Networking”。Networking在职场中的重要性不言而喻,它可以说是众人皆知,但又相距甚远的求职“秘笈”了。 很多小伙伴,在和学长学姐沟通中就表示,“Networking是说起来容易,做起来难”。比如,最直接的一个问题:我们的Networking究竟应该从哪里开始呢?
  • Sat, Jan 11
  • Sun, Dec 22
    Hiring Manager都想看到什么样的简历?
    想知道加拿大求职简历的秘密吗?作为加拿大职场小白的留学生,我们该如何写好自己的求职简历?怎样让我们的简历在激烈的竞争中脱颖而出?让我们的职业导师Garret MacGillivray 告诉你如何呈现出一份可以抓住hiring manager眼球的求职简历!
  • Sun, Nov 24
    Online (link sent via email or wechat)
    Keys to Your Career Success
    Hear from our most experienced career coach Garret MacGillivray on the keys to finding your dream job.
  • Sat, Nov 23
    Online (线上)
    Career Workshop (互动职业研讨会)
    A valuable opportunity to jump start your career our #1 coach Garret. 一个与我们的明星职业导师Garret互动的宝贵机会。
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