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1-Hour Career Coaching

Our 3-Step FIT framework starts with "Find". We will help you find an industry partner who best matches your background and career objectives, someone who does your dream job in the company or industry you want to get into.

This guaranteed 1 hour is an opportunity to meet someone who could be your future boss and to get the answers for all your career related questions, and an opportunity to  get yourself recognized for potential job openings within the industry partner's company and network. 

In-depth Background Evaluation (Resume, etc.) will be conducted by industry partners prior to every coaching session.

Image by Danielle MacInnes

Use Your 1-Hour Career Coaching for

Career Planning

Networking Skills

Industry Insights

Resume & LinkedIn

Hiring Standards

Interview Advice

Job Search Techniques

Job Opportunities

Job Requirements

Comp Negotiation

Industry Partne Search

Find Your Industry Partner Today

Before selectiing an industry partner, it is highly recommended to check for potential job openings within the industry partner's company or network to maximize the value of your 1-hour coaching session.

Pascal Easton

Senior Marketing Manager

Avison Young

Past: Devencore, Director, Marketing and Brand

Research and Strategy

Sarah Piasetzki

Design Engineer, Civil

Hydro One Networks Inc.

Past: Water Resources, Shoreplan Engineering

Engineering, Consulting, ...

Justin Wong

Software Test Engineer


Past: BlackBerry, Senior Software Test Specialist

Software development, ...

Shaan Dhaliwal


Equitable Bank

Past: Compass Group; Ideal Capital

Finance & Investment, ...

Rui Jiang

Investment Policy Analyst

CI Financial

Past: Aentib Group

Finance & Investment, ...

Steven Shang


Homelife Landmark Realty

Past: Cossette, Bell Canada

Marketing, Sales & Business Development, ...

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