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Document Review

Our team of professionals will ensure your documents are written to the highest literary standard

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Our Team

A team of 10+ Masters and PHD superstars are well equipped to bring each and every paper to the highest of standards.


Kristen C.

Document Review Manager

Masters of Nursing, Ryerson University

Bachelors of Science, Western University. 


Angela R.

Document Reviewer

BSc in computer science, University of Toronto

TESOL certificate, University of Toronto

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Kaeshi S.

Document Reviewer

BCom, Ryerson University
MSc, Kingston University of London
PhD, The University of Edinburgh


Matthew L.

Document Reviewer

Master of Infrastructure Protection and International Security, Carleton University
BAs in Engineering Science,

University of Toronto


Oliver K.

Document Reviewer

Bachelor of Business Administraion,

University of Toronto


Judy T.

Document Reviewer

BSc in Biochemistry, University of Toronto

MSc in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto

PhD in Pharmacy, University of Toronto

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