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Christina Butty

Senior Resource Development Analyst

Ontario Public Service



Years of Experience:

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Toronto, ON, Canada

Christina is a learning and development professional with a background in human
capital consulting. She currently works in the public sector finance industry at the Treasury Board Secretariat at the Ontario Public Service. Christina has had a diverse career spanning multiple industries including government, finance, consulting, academia, marketing and technology. She also has entrepreneurial skills having monetized a friend's art business. Christina has worked with students through Ryerson University so she has an understanding of their opportunities. Through her knowledge of various industries, undergraduate degree in human resources management, experience in human capital consulting and work at the Treasury Board, she is also knowledgeable about current hiring practices.

Other Information

MBA, Ryerson University & Harvard
Bcomm, Ryerson Univeristy


Industry Knowledge:

Government, Education

Past Experience:

Nexus Human Capital, Human Capital Consultant
Ryerson University, Corporate Strategy Textbook Co, author
Ryerson University, Social Accounting Researcher
Lovebot, Business Manager


Learning & Development, Human Resources Management, Government, Finance (Public Sector Finance Industry), Entrepreneurship

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