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6 Tips on How to Perform Better in Your Interview

Alright, so you received that interview and you are well prepared, these tips will help you perform during the interview.

1. Strong Hand Shake – The first thing you can do in an interview is to shake the interviewers hand. You want this handshake to be both firm and strong. The worst thing you can do is shake a persons hand with a weak or limp hand. Be strong and be confident and demonstrate that with a good hand shake!

2. Stay Calm – The most common thing people do when they are nervous is to talk fast and too much. Make sure to take a deep breath and speak slowly and concisely so that your interviewer knows exactly what you are trying to convey.

3. Body Language – 60-80% of communication comes from body language, which is why it is so important. Some of the best things you can do to have better body language is to keep good posture, relax your shoulders and maintain eye contact.

4. Make a Personal Connection – This tip can be tricky because you don’t want to force a personal connection by being too familiar but maintaining a balance of professionalism and personality is key. Forming a personal connection with the interviewer makes sure that they remember you after you have already left the room and they are deliberating on who to give another interview for or who to give the job to!

5. Ask Questions – Don’t be shy, by asking questions about either the company or the job role makes you look like a serious candidate who is both well informed and serious about the role.

6. Follow Up Note – Make sure to follow up after the interview with a simple thank you note via e-mail. This shows the interviewer that you have proper etiquette and are still interested in the role. This message does not have to be long or involve anything other than a simple thanks for the interviewer’s time they spent with you. Remember even if you don’t get the job, your interviewer can be a new connection that you can make! They could help you out some time down the road for future opportunities.

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