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8 Quick Tips to Improve Your Resume and Get it Noticed!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

1. Read the Job Posting!!

The best place to find content for your resume is in the job postings themselves. The Job posting outlines the skills and qualities for their ideal candidate, so why not use them to improve your own resume? Use the keywords and buzzwords that they have in the job description and apply them to your own resume where they are relevant.

b. For Example: If you are applying for an accounting position that asks for strong ‘Critical Thinking Skills’, If you have this skill then add this term to your resume in your experience or skills section.

2. Review Sample Resumes

If you want to be a Project Manager for a hospital then search for it on Google or Baidu! Often times people post sample resumes that are relevant to that industry/job. Use these as guidelines for when you write your own resume. They often have very good sentence structuring, formatting and buzzwords.

3. Action & Power Words

Be impactful. In the English language some words are simply better than others and are able to instill a greater amount of excitement to a reader. Pull out the thesaurus and rework your sentences by beefing them up with words that demonstrate your expertise.

4. Keep it short – Quality over Quantity

You have to remember that someone will be reading your resume and they will be reading 10 – 100 other resume as well which c