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Chen Lin

Academic Partner

Education Background

Western University- Master of Arts in Education Studies (Completing); Northeast Normal University - Master of Education (Graduated); Northeast Normal University – Bachelor of Science in Biological Science (Graduated)

My UniExplore Story

UniExplore is a wonderful platform that builds an exceptional connection between applicants and current students who experienced the same things regarding programs’ selection and application before. I was a student that UniExplore helped me before, and I want to help other new students right now!

My Experience

I used to be a biology teacher working in a Chinese high school for five years. During my career, I have received several awards for teaching skills and biology experiment design. Two years ago, I was seeking some new opportunities to refresh myself after a long period of work. Studying and doing research on curriculum is one of the best choices for me and it becomes my major job right now. I am working on an amazing study concerning how to improve mathematics education within a mutual entailment of the body and the mind. It sounds incredible but it works. I am going to attend PME-NA 44 (a conference in the Psychology of Mathematics Education) in Nashville this November with my research paper!

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