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Clover Li

Academic Partner

Education Background

University of Toronto – Master of Management and Professional Accounting (Completing); University of California in Santa Barbara- Econ & Accounting (Graduated);

My UniExplore Story

I was a student that UniExplore helped me before, and I want to help other new students!

My Experience

Academic achievements: I achieved Dean’s Hnonrs at UCSB
1. intern for Tax and Legal Department in Deloitte: I collaborated with managers and interviewed clients to obtain information to assist with the site selection project for a French integrated circuit company in China
2. intern for Bond Department in Haitong Securities Company Ltd: I performed due diligence procedures on bond prospectus, which included recalculation of various financial ratios, validation of disclosed financial information in the prospectus to the company’s other externally published disclosures, to ensure accuracy and consistency
3. intern for audit and tax in Goodman & Associated: I participated in audit engagement and compilation engagement, and also assisted seniors to file personal tax

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